Healthy Practices


  • Ethics Club
  • The College aims at the holistic development of the students. The ethics club paves way for it. Moral values are incorporated through this club and it moulds the students to be better citizens of tomorrow.

  • Meditation
  • The institution believes that healthy minds generate healthy societies and hence meditation is made obligatory for the wards. This healthy practice enables them to refresh their mind and soul.

  • Dress Code
  • The students follow dress code every Friday and this brings in the feeling of unity and oneness. This special feature equips them to be presentable when they become employees.

  • Grammar Tests
  • Grammar tests are held every month to help the students to have a sound knowledge in grammar.

  • Vocabulary Enhancement
  • In order to enrich the vocabulary of the students, the college has allotted a skill development hour during which newspapers are distributed and read.

  • Pupils' Corner
  • The best practice under the title 'Pupil's Corner' is initiated with a vision to propagate the enhancement of students' personality. It aims to add a bunch of betterment in the young minds through the depiction of mind blowing facts and inspirational quotes that matches the significance of each day.

  • Science Forum
  • The aim of the forum is to expose the values of Basic Sciences to the young aspirants and to instil in them the temperament of science. It provides a platform to promote the spirit of creativity and to foster excellence in science related careers.

  • Alumni Associations
  • Each department has an alumni association and alumni meet is organized at regular intervals. This is initiated to build in a good rapport with the alumni and their support to the alma mater and their successors is enormous

  • College Bazaar
  • The college Bazaar is organized to enhance the skills of the students and motivate them to become budding entrepreneurs.